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Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional (CIMHP)

ADHD- Certified Clinical Services Provider (ADHD-CCSP)

NCC, CCMHC, ACS National Credentials

Have you tried and tried and tried to get pregnant without success? Is your belly bruised from hormone injections? Do you feel like your privates and sex life are on display for the world to judge? Feeling like a science experiment (because your are) can be stressful, exhausting, expensive, and disappointing.  Whether you and your partner agree to keep trying or call it quits, you are not the only couple to go through this.  Learning to balance the frustration, hormones, ultrasounds, and the rest of your life is hard.  Sometimes is simply this stress that is the root of the problem.  Therapy can help you learn balance, reduce stress, and create a welcoming environment for implantation.  

Are you feeling as if you and your partner on different end of the planet after baby?  Do you dread being intimate with your partner? Is the lack of sexual desire causing distance in your relationship?

Perinatal and postpartum issues can affect your intimacy with your partner.  The stress of learning the new normal in your home, the after affects on the body, and any mood disorders or medications can interrupt the sexual desire cycle.  It is important to learn to communicate what you are experiencing and work together to support one another through this change.  Yes it can be a rough few months, however it's how you handle this life's turn that makes the difference.  Supportive couples therapy can help work through post delivery expectations and reality. 

Perinatal/ Postpartum/ Fertility struggles

Are you pregnant and feeling off? Maybe you are having intrusive thoughts about your expected birth experience going awry.  Are you suddenly having counting rituals or germ fears?  Did you experience postpartum depression after a previous delivery? Did you have a traumatic birth experience and are pregnant again?  Do you have a history of ADHD and find it worsening? Most people don't realize there are mood disorders associated with being pregnant.  People tend to brush it off as just "pregnancy brain," however since shows the drastic change in hormone activity can cause perinatal mood disorders including anxiety, depression and obsessive-compulsive behaviors.  Don't sit in silence.  Start learning to navigate these emotions and recognize situational issues, chemical imbalances, and 'normal' pregnancy mood changes.  If you are suffering while pregnant, there are ways to combat and work on your thought process and get a jump on it before birth.  Postpartum issues can affect BOTH men and women.  Just because men didn't actually give birth doesn't mean their lives and ideas of life after baby aren't affected.  

Postpartum psychosis is a medical emergency and requires hospitalization.  Don't wait to seek help.  You are not alone, and you will get through this. 


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